Tips for the occasional player and poker fan who wants to travel to the WSOP

Tips for the occasional player and poker fan who wants to travel to the WSOP

If you only play poker occasionally and are planning a trip to Las Vegas over the next few months, then the WSOP season is the best time to make that wish come true. The special attraction of the WSOP event and the numerous tournaments is the great opportunity for the amateur poker player to gain experience during this event and to improve the level of their poker game. But there are some important tips that you should remember before you travel.

If you have any intention of winning the WSOP Bracelet (Note: Any final table winner during the WSOP event will also receive as an outward sign of his victory, one of the coveted WSOP bracelets) you should not forget to pre-race at the World Series Website – – sign up and sign up for the tournament you prefer, especially if you want to attend any of the no-limit hold’em events. Most of these events have been booked in advance, so it is possible that the first tournament levels are already filled, especially for the small buy-in events, this could be the case.

But if you do during the WSOP If you want to travel to Vegas in order to have a closer look at the poker pros, you should not forget that you are certainly not the only one who would like to fulfill this wish! Enormous numbers of tourists and poker fans flood the Rio Convention Center, armed with cameras and writing utensils.

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If you walk through the corridors, you will meet many professionals, as well as you will find the professionals at the tables with cash games or during their autograph sessions. The professional players are often very happy to be able to recover from the tournament stress during the autograph breaks and photo sessions while being present for their fans. But the most important thing is to be in the right place at the right time, then you will surely be able to hit one or the other poker super star.

The Rio Convention Center has some promo booths from the famous online virtual poker rooms. These promo items are very popular with poker fans. The Full Tilt Stand features World Series of Poker bracelets by Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel and other famous players. Doyle’s Room offers daily workshops on various poker topics hosted by well-known poker players Mike Caro and Todd Brunson. The other stands offer: open bars, free food, T-shirts and hats. You should definitely visit the PokerNews booth during your visit. Take advantage of this great opportunity to meet some of the writers and collaborators on this site.

World series of poker tips

The World Series Marathon is the best time and the easiest way to win decent money in side games for both amateur and professional players. The side game offer in the Rio is surprisingly large, in addition to Hold’em, many different poker game variants are offered. Rio offers those interested the possibility of playing poker games that are otherwise rarely found in casinos: Pineapple, Badugi, Chinese Poker or mixed games like HORSE or BOT). Limit and No Limit Hold’em is also offered, of course, Limit $ 4/8, $ 10/20, $ 20/40 and higher – No Limit with $ 2/5 Blind, $ 5/10 Blind, $ 10/20 Blind and higher. Because of the high demand, you should set up at some tables, for longer waiting times.

Although the Rio is the center of the poker universe during the WSOP and most players come to play there, there are other places where you can enjoy your favorite games. The Bellagio and Mirage are known worldwide for their great cash game offer. Above all, very many tables with low and medium limits are offered here. MGM Grand and The Palms are characterized by their $ 2/5 blind no-limit hold’em tables with a maximum buy in of $ 500.

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If tournament poker is your strength, but your bankroll is not high enough to qualify for a WSOP event, you can take part in numerous other tournaments throughout Las Vegas at this time. The Bellagio is one of the most popular places for many poker players looking for the tournaments with more favorable conditions.

Many players unlucky in a WSOP event like to take part in these daily tournaments. The tournaments usually start at 2 pm The buy-in is $ 560 from Sunday to Thursday, on Friday and Saturday a slightly higher buy-in is due, on these days you have to pay for your participation in the tournaments $ 1,060.

Regardless of your poker experience and skill, it’s just wonderful to visit Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker. Beautiful side games, the unique chance to watch poker superstars play and the unbelievable poker fever will make this trip memorable.

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