The best satellites for the WSOP

The best satellites for the WSOP

Every amateur dreams of winning millions and writing poker history, once being the WSOP champion.

Chris Moneymaker succeeded in 2003. Greg Raymer the following year. And both have qualified through a cheap, simple satellite.

With a buy-in of just $ 39, Moneymaker has paid significantly more for the taxi from the hotel to the tournament than for the place in the $ 10k main event.

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Since then, the number of satellites has skyrocketed, and today you can find them on virtually every poker site.

Every year, the World Series of Poker is coming up in the summer, and then we are in the height of the satellites. Chances of a free shot in the most important poker event of the year and for most readers certainly damn expensive tournament you can find everywhere today – also here at PokerZeit.

Here are a few tips for your qualification attempts.

“Winner takes all” satellites

Most satellites on different poker sites are MTTs. Here’s a slightly different strategy than the usual cash MTTs, where money is paid out at the end.

Normally WSOP satellites are under the slogan ” Winner takes all ” ( WTA ) or a certain number of players receives the price package.

For “Winner takes all” tournaments the so-called Ricky-Bobby maxim applies : Who does not become first, becomes last .

For the player that means: play to win. Or, play for victory !

In most MTTs you can at least have a nice day with a seat at the final table, financially. Sometimes even if you are in the top 20

For a WTA Satellite, reaching the final table is just a first step. After that you still have to defeat every player at the table to win. At this point in the tournament, the push-or-fold mode prevails. If you do not have a very large stack, you urgently need Fortuna’s help.

Your only goal in such a tournament is to collect as many chips as you can before you even get that far. Apart from the fact that you need some good cards, aggressive play is even more popular than usual. You should risk Coin Flips here much earlier than usual in MTTs.

If you are ready to get on coin flips earlier than your table neighbors, you win some pots because they fold. If you win a coin early, you can also put pressure on the smaller chip stacks and risk another coin flip against a small stack, without fear of leaving.

This style of play is not optimal for cash MTTs, because you can get there even with less aggressive game. However, if the structure is WTA, you must try to create the optimal starting point for a tournament victory, since anything but first place is completely worthless.

A simple example of the differences between playing in a normal MTT and in a WTA is the game against the big stacks. Let’s say you are second in chips, and the field is still relatively large. Normally, you should not get involved with another big stack.

Why risk losing your tournament if you can play much easier against the small stacks?

However, in a tournament that is about all or nothing, you are looking for exactly these situations. A player with a big stack is a threat to you. If you head up, you may be at a disadvantage.

If you play early against these players, you will eventually be “the big stack type”, and that will give you a big edge on the final table.

If there are several price packages

In a tournament where there are several prize packages to win, the tournament victory is completely irrelevant. All you want is to survive the “bubble”.

Whether you have a million chips or a single one when the bubble takes place does not make the slightest difference. If you are still there, you win the prize package.

So try to get enough chips to cross that threshold. In fact, the big chip stacks often refuse to even play a hand when the bubble comes closer, and even throw aces away.

On the other hand, almost all players before the bubble are extremely tight. If your stack is not big enough to break through this phase, you’ll need to take that chance and collect as many chips as you can.

If other players are no longer prepared to go into bigger hands, try to steal pots. Play here as well as we do in a standard cash MTT. Since you do not have to win, you can expect to win a prize package if you keep your chip stack slightly above average.

Being a chip leader is nice, but not necessary in such a tournament. Above all, keep an eye on the bubble and estimate how many chips you need to get far enough.

Final notes

In multi-prize tournaments, small ball poker is much more common than in WTA tournaments.

You can theoretically win a prize package without ever getting involved in a big pot, but more likely you’ll need to get involved in coin flips a few times to get enough chips.

Choose the spots wisely. Ideally, your opponents will prefer to fold rather than accept the coin flip.

As an aggressor you have at least that chance, but in the end you need one or two winning coin flips – good luck!

Price packages for the main event are usually about $ 12,500, – and include in addition to the buy-in travel and hotel costs. Satellites to the WSOP run all spring and well into the summer. In Europe, 888 Poker is the exclusive partner of the WSOP, offering exclusive WSOP satellites in most countries.

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