Multi-Table Tournament Tips and Strategy

Multi-Table Tournament Tips and Strategy

Multi-table tournaments are the supreme discipline of no-limit hold’em, and only players with a solid strategy are permanently successful. However, no master has fallen from the sky, so it is important for beginners to internalize some basic rules that they can orient themselves . Here are some MTT strategy tips that are essential for developing a successful MTT Poker strategy.

1) patience, patience, patience.

And again: be patient. First, you should learn how to work your way up to paid seats. If you do not have much routine in MTT tournaments, you should focus on premium hands in the early stages of the tournament. If you get one, you should be very aggressive and try to reduce the field to one player, so to get into the so-called heads-up. Slowplay with AA or KK is not recommended, because it attracts far too many opponents in the pot.

2) Concentrate first on getting into the prize money.

It’s true – in the long run, you often have to come in the top three to cut profitably. Nobody has a successful MTT strategy right away, but has to be worked out successively. Do not be fooled by a few lucky stunts that every beginner has experienced. Therefore, first of all make sure that you get as far as possible and avoid unnecessary risks, especially in tight situations. Once you are in the prize money, you can put on the reins and become more aggressive.

3) No unnecessary passivity.

When you have solid foundations, you should start playing not just premium hands, but becoming more active overall. Do not be afraid of failures – you learn more from them than from a few quick successes.

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4) Try Different Things

Not always the right strategy is clear, but there are several plausible possibilities. Another important point of the MTT Strategy Tips is not always to play your hands the same, but to figure out how to best perform against certain opponents and which style suits you best. There is no absolutely valid right style of play.

5) Learn to trust your intuition.

Poker has a lot to do with math, but in many situations it also depends on intuition. The best players trust their mathematical abilities, but also their intuition. If you have the feeling at a certain moment that a steal attempt could be successful, you should not be afraid. This is how you get to know yourself better.

6) Be aggressive as a small stack.

As mentioned in point 1, patience is very important, but waiting too long can be devastating. In MTTs, there is nothing worse than being eaten by the blinds, or waiting too long to do your move. As long as you can still apply pressure and inflict damage on your opponents, you should strike in appropriate situations and not be too picky. Sometimes you need a little luck, but bad luck has never won a tournament.

7) If you are in the prize money, you play on victory.

The prize money structure in MTTs is so pronounced that the first places in particular will benefit. Of course, it is important to get into the paid seats first, but once you have reached them, it will play a rather minor role, whether you are 25th or 16th out. The motto is clear – from now on, only the top three places count, and to achieve them, you have to be aggressive and take higher risks than before.

8) Let the others throw each other out.

The fuss after the bubble is as mentioned tremendous, because the other players are looking for their way to the fat prize money pots. If two opponents are all-in, that’s fine with you, because one of them will be eliminated and your chances for a top ranking will be improved.

9) Choose your targets carefully.

If you find that some opponents just do not fight back, you should attack them relentlessly. Medium stacks are ideal, as they do not want to risk too much. You should be careful with big stacks, because you do not want to be knocked out. Even short stacks can cause problems because they do not have much to lose.

10) Nothing beats a healthy self-assessment.

On the way to the final table, you also have to take a setback. Only very rarely does it happen that a player simply marches through without any crisis. If the tournament does not turn out the way you want, ask yourself if you made mistakes or did everything right. Can you blame yourself and just bad luck, there is no reason to quarrel with you.

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