Multi-Table Tournament Tips and Strategy

Multi-Table Tournament Tips and Strategy

Multi-table tournaments are the supreme discipline of no-limit hold’em, and only players with a solid strategy are permanently successful. However, no master has fallen from the sky, so it is important for beginners to internalize some basic rules that they can orient themselves . Here are some MTT strategy tips that are essential for developing a successful MTT Poker strategy.

1) patience, patience, patience.

And again: be patient. First, you should learn how to work your way up to paid seats. If you do not have much routine in MTT tournaments, you should focus on premium hands in the early stages of the tournament. If you get one, you should be very aggressive and try to reduce the field to one player, so to get into the so-called heads-up. Slowplay with AA or KK is not recommended, because it attracts far too many opponents in the pot.

2) Concentrate first on getting into the prize money.

It’s true – in the long run, you often have to come in the top three to cut profitably. Nobody has a successful MTT strategy right away, but has to be worked out successively. Do not be fooled by a few lucky stunts that every beginner has experienced. Therefore, first of all make sure that you get as far as possible and avoid unnecessary risks, especially in tight situations. Once you are in the prize money, you can put on the reins and become more aggressive.

3) No unnecessary passivity.

When you have solid foundations, you should start playing not just premium hands, but becoming more active overall. Do not be afraid of failures – you learn more from them than from a few quick successes.

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How to Become a Professional Poker Player

4) Try Different Things

Not always the right strategy is clear, but there are several plausible possibilities. Another important point of the MTT Strategy Tips is not always to play your hands the same, but to figure out how to best perform against certain opponents and which style suits you best. There is no absolutely valid right style of play.

5) Learn to trust your intuition.

Poker has a lot to do with math, but in many situations it also depends on intuition. The best players trust their mathematical abilities, but also their intuition. If you have the feeling at a certain moment that a steal attempt could be successful, you should not be afraid. This is how you get to know yourself better.

6) Be aggressive as a small stack.

As mentioned in point 1, patience is very important, but waiting too long can be devastating. In MTTs, there is nothing worse than being eaten by the blinds, or waiting too long to do your move. As long as you can still apply pressure and inflict damage on your opponents, you should strike in appropriate situations and not be too picky. Sometimes you need a little luck, but bad luck has never won a tournament.

7) If you are in the prize money, you play on victory.

The prize money structure in MTTs is so pronounced that the first places in particular will benefit. Of course, it is important to get into the paid seats first, but once you have reached them, it will play a rather minor role, whether you are 25th or 16th out. The motto is clear – from now on, only the top three places count, and to achieve them, you have to be aggressive and take higher risks than before.

8) Let the others throw each other out.

The fuss after the bubble is as mentioned tremendous, because the other players are looking for their way to the fat prize money pots. If two opponents are all-in, that’s fine with you, because one of them will be eliminated and your chances for a top ranking will be improved.

9) Choose your targets carefully.

If you find that some opponents just do not fight back, you should attack them relentlessly. Medium stacks are ideal, as they do not want to risk too much. You should be careful with big stacks, because you do not want to be knocked out. Even short stacks can cause problems because they do not have much to lose.

10) Nothing beats a healthy self-assessment.

On the way to the final table, you also have to take a setback. Only very rarely does it happen that a player simply marches through without any crisis. If the tournament does not turn out the way you want, ask yourself if you made mistakes or did everything right. Can you blame yourself and just bad luck, there is no reason to quarrel with you.

How to Become a Professional Poker Player

How to Become a Professional Poker Player

Who does not enjoy playing a homegame with his friends in their free time or playing real money at the online poker table? Many of these hobby players dream of a big hit, as Chris Moneymaker did in 2003.

This qualified as an amateur for just $39 for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event and won the tournament in the end for a prize money of 2.5 million dollars. Is not that tempting? In addition, as a poker professional, you can divide your own time, travel to the most beautiful destinations around the world and pursue your favorite activity, the poker game.

But the step from hobby to “dream job poker pro” seems infinitely far away and difficult. At the same time superstars like Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey have started small at some point. Our experts from wisheus answer in this article “How do I become a poker pro?” Questions like: What are the successful players doing differently? What brought you to where you are today? What can we learn from them? What do you have to keep in mind when deciding to become a poker pro?

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Why participate in the World Series of Poker?

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Making the right decision – with all the consequences

The decision to become a poker pro should not be taken lightly. Every player has to realize that as a poker professional he has to make a living and should earn more money than in a normal job. You have to be aware that you have to invest just as much time in the profession of poker player as in a normal job.

So certainly at least 40 hours a week. Maybe more. In addition, the working hours are different. Often, especially at the online tables, you have to play long at a stretch or even at night. Eight hours of poker a day can be very tedious, especially if you play at several tables.

Also, you have to know that the profession of a poker professional has become much more difficult in the past few years. The poker landscape has changed and games that used to be easy money are often hard to beat today. Anyone who paves the way for the profession of poker player must bring a lot of patience and a lot of time. Because just the first steps are very difficult and first successes are only very slowly.

The right attitude

A very important point to Become a Professional Poker Player is the attitude. Behind a successful career at the poker tables is a lot of hard work and an iron discipline. Only those who dedicate all their energy, passion and dedication to poker, as well as being involved with heart and soul, can be successful for years.

In addition, a poker professional must cope with the natural fluctuations, the ups and downs. Especially downswings that can last a long time and break a big gap in each player’s account are hard to digest. But they are part of the life of every poker professional. It can happen that you worked extremely hard and still lost $10,000 at the end of a day or tournament.

Bankroll Management

Poker pro In order for the aforementioned downswings not to jeopardize a career, good bankroll management is necessary. This means that players have their budget under control and do not risk more in a tournament than they can afford. The most important rule is never to invest more than 1% of the bankroll in a tournament. Based on the bankroll, the levels are determined on which can be played and which are also beatable.

Often players make the mistake of moving up to the next level if they win for a while. In many cases, you are not yet prepared enough to play in a higher league. So you lose more money at the end, than you won before, because you went up too early and romped around in games for which you are actually not ready.

Strategy & Games

Indispensable is the knowledge about the game and a continuous training. But all the necessary skills required by the game must be acquired in most cases. There are countless poker books and strategy articles to read, and to watch as many poker videos as possible. Also the exchange with other players and professionals is elementary.

Often poker is about being familiar with complex topics like statistics, probabilities and mathematics. If you are not a natural, you can only acquire this knowledge through hard work. Only then can you create a game plan that tells you how to behave in which situations.

In addition to the knowledge and the strategy is another recipe for success on the way to the professional: play, play, play and gain many experiences. In poker, exercise definitely does the trick. So it is as much as possible to play online but also live.


For those who have the makings of an above-average player and who are willing to invest a lot of time and effort, as a poker professional, you’ll get a job with virtually unlimited freedoms and great earning potential, which should not be easily labeled a dream job , The way there is incredibly hard. Few players can really live on poker today. The move definitely wants to be well thought out. The absolute prerequisite is a good start-up capital and a plan B if the long-term success does not materialize.

Tips for the occasional player and poker fan who wants to travel to the WSOP

Tips for the occasional player and poker fan who wants to travel to the WSOP

If you only play poker occasionally and are planning a trip to Las Vegas over the next few months, then the WSOP season is the best time to make that wish come true. The special attraction of the WSOP event and the numerous tournaments is the great opportunity for the amateur poker player to gain experience during this event and to improve the level of their poker game. But there are some important tips that you should remember before you travel.

If you have any intention of winning the WSOP Bracelet (Note: Any final table winner during the WSOP event will also receive as an outward sign of his victory, one of the coveted WSOP bracelets) you should not forget to pre-race at the World Series Website – – sign up and sign up for the tournament you prefer, especially if you want to attend any of the no-limit hold’em events. Most of these events have been booked in advance, so it is possible that the first tournament levels are already filled, especially for the small buy-in events, this could be the case.

But if you do during the WSOP If you want to travel to Vegas in order to have a closer look at the poker pros, you should not forget that you are certainly not the only one who would like to fulfill this wish! Enormous numbers of tourists and poker fans flood the Rio Convention Center, armed with cameras and writing utensils.

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If you walk through the corridors, you will meet many professionals, as well as you will find the professionals at the tables with cash games or during their autograph sessions. The professional players are often very happy to be able to recover from the tournament stress during the autograph breaks and photo sessions while being present for their fans. But the most important thing is to be in the right place at the right time, then you will surely be able to hit one or the other poker super star.

The Rio Convention Center has some promo booths from the famous online virtual poker rooms. These promo items are very popular with poker fans. The Full Tilt Stand features World Series of Poker bracelets by Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel and other famous players. Doyle’s Room offers daily workshops on various poker topics hosted by well-known poker players Mike Caro and Todd Brunson. The other stands offer: open bars, free food, T-shirts and hats. You should definitely visit the PokerNews booth during your visit. Take advantage of this great opportunity to meet some of the writers and collaborators on this site.

World series of poker tips

The World Series Marathon is the best time and the easiest way to win decent money in side games for both amateur and professional players. The side game offer in the Rio is surprisingly large, in addition to Hold’em, many different poker game variants are offered. Rio offers those interested the possibility of playing poker games that are otherwise rarely found in casinos: Pineapple, Badugi, Chinese Poker or mixed games like HORSE or BOT). Limit and No Limit Hold’em is also offered, of course, Limit $ 4/8, $ 10/20, $ 20/40 and higher – No Limit with $ 2/5 Blind, $ 5/10 Blind, $ 10/20 Blind and higher. Because of the high demand, you should set up at some tables, for longer waiting times.

Although the Rio is the center of the poker universe during the WSOP and most players come to play there, there are other places where you can enjoy your favorite games. The Bellagio and Mirage are known worldwide for their great cash game offer. Above all, very many tables with low and medium limits are offered here. MGM Grand and The Palms are characterized by their $ 2/5 blind no-limit hold’em tables with a maximum buy in of $ 500.

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If tournament poker is your strength, but your bankroll is not high enough to qualify for a WSOP event, you can take part in numerous other tournaments throughout Las Vegas at this time. The Bellagio is one of the most popular places for many poker players looking for the tournaments with more favorable conditions.

Many players unlucky in a WSOP event like to take part in these daily tournaments. The tournaments usually start at 2 pm The buy-in is $ 560 from Sunday to Thursday, on Friday and Saturday a slightly higher buy-in is due, on these days you have to pay for your participation in the tournaments $ 1,060.

Regardless of your poker experience and skill, it’s just wonderful to visit Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker. Beautiful side games, the unique chance to watch poker superstars play and the unbelievable poker fever will make this trip memorable.

Why participate in the World Series of Poker?

Why participate in the World Series of Poker?

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is gaining more and more popularity. In 2003 there were 839 poker players who bought into the tournament. In the end, it was Chris Moneymaker, an online player who had qualified online through a $ 40 satellite tournament that took the $ 2.5 million home. In 2004, it was Greg Raymer, another online qualifier who outnumbered 2576 players and won $ 5 million. And last year it was Joseph Hachem who hit 5619 players and pocketed $ 7.5 million.

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This year, it is anticipated that more than 8,000 players will participate in the WSOP, which will make the prize money the highest in the history of poker tournaments. Whoever wins the tournament has to be very good and lucky. Again this year many players will qualify online and the chances are good that another online qualifier will make the race. Who knows, maybe you will be.

Everything You Need to Know About the World Series of Poker

But the opportunity to win a lot of money is not the only reason why you should take part in the WSOP. Tension alone at the WSOP makes the trip exciting enough. Poker players from around the world come together every year to attend this tournament. In addition, the WSOP is the focal point of the media in the poker world.

This tournament receives the most attention. Most find it very exciting and funny to be alone in all this big fanfare.
With a variety of satellite tournaments available for the WSOP, the WSOP is no longer just for those with a big budget. With good preparation, right decisions and a little help from Lady Luck, everyone has the chance to become the next WSOP champion.

How To Get To The World Series Of Poker Final Table

But you should also approach with a healthy dose of reason and be aware that the majority of WSOP participants lose their entry fee. It takes a lot of luck to qualify for the WSOP. Many players lose money while trying to qualify for the WSOP through satellite tournaments, and then end up watching the WSOP only on ESPN.

And as mentioned above, most of the players who were lucky enough to qualify for the WSOP lose their buy-in at the actual tournament.
Anyone can win the WSOP, but most do not. Nevertheless, it can be worthwhile to participate in the WSOP if you approach it with the right attitude.

The best satellites for the WSOP

The best satellites for the WSOP

Every amateur dreams of winning millions and writing poker history, once being the WSOP champion.

Chris Moneymaker succeeded in 2003. Greg Raymer the following year. And both have qualified through a cheap, simple satellite.

With a buy-in of just $ 39, Moneymaker has paid significantly more for the taxi from the hotel to the tournament than for the place in the $ 10k main event.

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Since then, the number of satellites has skyrocketed, and today you can find them on virtually every poker site.

Every year, the World Series of Poker is coming up in the summer, and then we are in the height of the satellites. Chances of a free shot in the most important poker event of the year and for most readers certainly damn expensive tournament you can find everywhere today – also here at PokerZeit.

Here are a few tips for your qualification attempts.

“Winner takes all” satellites

Most satellites on different poker sites are MTTs. Here’s a slightly different strategy than the usual cash MTTs, where money is paid out at the end.

Normally WSOP satellites are under the slogan ” Winner takes all ” ( WTA ) or a certain number of players receives the price package.

For “Winner takes all” tournaments the so-called Ricky-Bobby maxim applies : Who does not become first, becomes last .

For the player that means: play to win. Or, play for victory !

In most MTTs you can at least have a nice day with a seat at the final table, financially. Sometimes even if you are in the top 20

For a WTA Satellite, reaching the final table is just a first step. After that you still have to defeat every player at the table to win. At this point in the tournament, the push-or-fold mode prevails. If you do not have a very large stack, you urgently need Fortuna’s help.

Your only goal in such a tournament is to collect as many chips as you can before you even get that far. Apart from the fact that you need some good cards, aggressive play is even more popular than usual. You should risk Coin Flips here much earlier than usual in MTTs.

If you are ready to get on coin flips earlier than your table neighbors, you win some pots because they fold. If you win a coin early, you can also put pressure on the smaller chip stacks and risk another coin flip against a small stack, without fear of leaving.

This style of play is not optimal for cash MTTs, because you can get there even with less aggressive game. However, if the structure is WTA, you must try to create the optimal starting point for a tournament victory, since anything but first place is completely worthless.

A simple example of the differences between playing in a normal MTT and in a WTA is the game against the big stacks. Let’s say you are second in chips, and the field is still relatively large. Normally, you should not get involved with another big stack.

Why risk losing your tournament if you can play much easier against the small stacks?

However, in a tournament that is about all or nothing, you are looking for exactly these situations. A player with a big stack is a threat to you. If you head up, you may be at a disadvantage.

If you play early against these players, you will eventually be “the big stack type”, and that will give you a big edge on the final table.

If there are several price packages

In a tournament where there are several prize packages to win, the tournament victory is completely irrelevant. All you want is to survive the “bubble”.

Whether you have a million chips or a single one when the bubble takes place does not make the slightest difference. If you are still there, you win the prize package.

So try to get enough chips to cross that threshold. In fact, the big chip stacks often refuse to even play a hand when the bubble comes closer, and even throw aces away.

On the other hand, almost all players before the bubble are extremely tight. If your stack is not big enough to break through this phase, you’ll need to take that chance and collect as many chips as you can.

If other players are no longer prepared to go into bigger hands, try to steal pots. Play here as well as we do in a standard cash MTT. Since you do not have to win, you can expect to win a prize package if you keep your chip stack slightly above average.

Being a chip leader is nice, but not necessary in such a tournament. Above all, keep an eye on the bubble and estimate how many chips you need to get far enough.

Final notes

In multi-prize tournaments, small ball poker is much more common than in WTA tournaments.

You can theoretically win a prize package without ever getting involved in a big pot, but more likely you’ll need to get involved in coin flips a few times to get enough chips.

Choose the spots wisely. Ideally, your opponents will prefer to fold rather than accept the coin flip.

As an aggressor you have at least that chance, but in the end you need one or two winning coin flips – good luck!

Price packages for the main event are usually about $ 12,500, – and include in addition to the buy-in travel and hotel costs. Satellites to the WSOP run all spring and well into the summer. In Europe, 888 Poker is the exclusive partner of the WSOP, offering exclusive WSOP satellites in most countries.